Bucket is a very unsmart viking that appears in Dreamworks Dragons:Riders of Berk he wears a hard Bucket to protect his skull, which was fractured by a Dragon, the bucket contracts whenever a storm is on the way.

Like Mulch he lost part of his right and has a hook to replace it.


Bucket is a tall Viking with a very long blonde Hair, he wears a tunic with scale mail armor, he also has a vest covering the top of his shoulders.

Role in The SeriesEdit

Bucket made his first apperance in "How To Start A Dragon Academy" Alongside Mulch, having just finished Fishing, soon all their catch was stolen by Dragons , later snotlout and his dragon Hookfang scared many fishes into their fishing net.

In "viking for hire" He had sold a sheep To Mulch , but was refused payment , gobber who was taking some of Stoick responsibities, gave them a pair of weapons and had them fight.

In "animal house" he and Mulch were the first to Discover that the yaks and the chickens stopped giving milk and eggs. bucket's tightening bucket Alerts the vikings to an Upcoming storm.

In "How to pick your dragon" He appears alongside mulch where their boat was attacked by a wild Thunder Drum but they are saved and returned to the village by Stoick and Hiccup .