Some attributes
First Gender: Female
Second Relatives: Unnamed parents
Third First appearance: Heather Report Part I
Other attributes
Fourth last appearance: Heather Report Part II

In the TV series Edit

In the beginning of the episode, Hiccup (with Toothless) and Astrid (with Stormfly) recording their speed in the Dragon Academy. Snotlout (with Hookfang) leeds them to the beach where they meet a mysterious girl named Heather. She wakes up to them staring at her. As she explains her story, they welcome her to Berk as the boys of the group begin to pay more attention to her than to Astrid, making her jealous. Her jealousy and suspicion grows as Heather is seen trying to steal the Book of Dragons and talking with the Outcasts. The next morning she steals the book and hijacks Stormfly. Astrid manages to get Stormfly back. Unfortunately, the Book of Dragons is now in Alvin's hands.

In the next episode, Heather is locked up in Berk while Astrid poses as her to retrieve the Book of Dragons with Hiccup and the others as backup. Heather manages to escape and takes Stormfly again, but this time to help the teens. Astrid manages to retrieve the book and rescue Heather's parents. When Heather finally gets to Outcast Island, she helps the teens fight back. After getting the Book of Dragons and heading back to Berk, Heather and Astrid have finally become friends, as she thanks her for saving her family. Heather leaves Berk with her parents.

School of DragonsEdit

Heather appears in School of Dragons as the alchemist. Before the game was released, she was replaced with Katrina the Curious. Heather replaced her a few months later, but still wears the same outfit as Katrina.