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Toothless is much smaller than any of the other young Vikings' dragons. He is the most common breed of dragon - Common or Garden, and as his name suggests, he has no teeth. He is portrayed as being a dark green color with red membranes in his wings. He is also small enough to sit on Hiccup's arm with relative ease. Toothless is incredibly disobedient, and like all dragons very selfish and ungrateful, he is nonetheless quite attached to Hiccup. However, Toothless' behavior does have its drawbacks, especially when he manages to cause the entire young generation of the Hairy Hooligans to be forced into exile by starting a fight at Thor's Day Thursday celebrations.

To prevent Hiccup's father from being furious over how small and average his son's dragon is, Hiccup's best friendFishlegs comes up with a legend that Toothless is not a Common or Garden dragon, but is, in fact, a very rare breed called Toothless Daydream and is possibly an offspring of a great dragon leader King Daggerfangs. From then on, Toothless always claims that legend to be true.

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At the eastern coast of Berk is an area known as Wild Dragon Cliff, Hiccup uses a dragon basket to capture a dragon for himself. Fishlegs escapes the area without a dragon, meaning he is at risk of exile. Hiccup runs back in to the cave to get another for him and the two leave with a dragon each (Horrorcow and Toothless).
After returning home, Hiccup attempts to train Toothless based on advice from Gobber, but this turns out to be problematic as Toothless' disobedience causes Hiccup's many attempts to fail, eventually forcing him to resort to pampering. During practice for hunting with Fishlegs, Toothless finally agrees to be co-operative on the condition that he is told one joke for every fish he catches.
On Thor's Thursday, during the final part of the rite of passage, Toothless offends Fireworm (Snotlout's dragon) and there is a huge fight between them all. This means that the younger Vikings have all failed their rite and will be exiled. However, it is not long before 2 giant Sea Dragons arrive with a storm and Hiccup is turned to for help to speak with the dragon. When Hiccup tells the Elders of the remaining dragon's plan to eat them all, Hiccup decides to use this time to gather the boys and their dragons together and come up with a plan to stop the Green Death from killing anyone. Toothless decides not to go along with this as he thinks the plan is suicidal and he dislikes the giant dragon a great deal.
The plan seems to be working until Hiccup is swallowed whole by the Green Death. When Toothless sees that all the wild and domestic dragons have left out of fear, he concludes Hiccup is his only remaining family and saves him by making the Green Death sneeze. Hiccup eventually makes the dragon explode, causing him to pass out.
Three hours pass and Hiccup wakes up to find that Toothless has "died" from his wounds. Hiccup correctly guesses he is only in a coma and goes to save him from being burnt at a traditional Viking funeral. Hiccup is recognized as a hero for his efforts and Toothless is saved from the fire.

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Toothless is actually the first character to be seen in the entire franchise. He flies behind the Dreamworks logo and then vanishes into the night sky. His first actions are to dive bomb Berk. Though he does not steal food, he does target catapults. He destroys the catapult Stoick is using to fend off Nadders. His strikes are strategic and lethal, and he seems to be the only kind of dragon Stoick will become concerned about. Hiccup sees the destruction caused by Toothless and decides to prove himself by doing the impossible: bringing down a Night Fury. Hiccup shoots Toothless down with his mangler cannon when Toothless dive bombs another of Berk's catapults. Toothless is caught in the bola and falls shrieking from the sky. He crashes into the woods just past Raven Point. During the crash, Toothless loses his left tailfin, leaving him forever crippled from natural flight. He lays unconscious in the woods tangled in the cords of the bola until Hiccup discovers him. Toothless stares deeply into Hiccup as the boy prepares to kill him. The boy is shocked to see how frightened the mighty creature is. Hiccup is unable to kill  [1]Toothless roars at Hiccup, but spares his life.Toothless, so instead he begins to cut the ropes. As soon as he is free, Toothless whips around, grabs Hiccup by the neck, and pins him to the ground. Toothless stares frighteningly at Hiccup, and the boy prepares for the worst. Toothless rears back, but instead of killing Hiccup, he roars loudly at him and then tries to flies lopsidedly out of site. Toothless' sparing of Hiccup was unbelievable, and Hiccup soon realizes that the idea of dragons "Always go for the kill" is wrong. Toothless finds himself trapped in the cove. He is unable to fly and unable to escape. Hiccup sees him attempting to catch fish but failing. Toothless notices Hiccup watching him, but remains unaggressive. Hiccup later returns, and Toothless is waiting on him. He has perched himself on a high rock, and he watches as Hiccup looks around for him. Toothless reveals himself, and does not attack Hiccup, though he growls in suspicion and distrust. Hiccup tosses his dagger away, and then offers Toothless a fish he has brought. The hungry dragon drops his frightening attitude, and much to Hiccups surprise looks both toothless and cute. Hiccup soon discovers that Toothless does indeed have teeth when the dragon lunges forward and snatches the fish. Toothless gulps the fish down in moments and then looks to Hiccup hoping for more. Hiccup backs away as Toothless approaches and tells the dragon that he has no more. In response to this, Toothless regurgitates half of the fish into Hiccups lap, deciding to "share" with him. Toothless manages to get Hiccup to eat a bite of the revolting, raw, and regurgitated fish. Hiccup pretends to enjoy it, though he can hardly disguise his disgust. He smiles at the dragon, and Toothless is curious about the mannerism.  [2]Toothless tries to smile at HiccupToothless pulls his face into a confused and comical looking attempt at a smile. Hiccup is awestruck at the dragon's intelligence and personality. Hiccup reaches out to try and touch Toothless, but Toothless is not interested in the offer and flies to the other side of the canyon. Hiccup tries to touch him again when he lays down, but he quickly decides against it when he realizes he is aggravating the dragon. Toothless rests for several hours, and then upon waking, notices Hiccup is still in the cove. He walks up and sits next to Hiccup who is drawing in the dirt. Toothless curiously looks at the picture of himself that Hiccup is scratching out with a twig and then stands up, walks off, and pulls up a small tree. Once again to Hiccup's utter astonishment, Toothless draws a maze of squiggles and lines in the dirt before sitting down to proudly admire his work. Hiccup tries to step out of this maze, but Toothless is displeased when he steps on the lines. Hiccup realizes this and walks distractedly though the maze  [3]Toothless and Hiccup bond avoiding all the marks Toothless has made. He finds himself right up against the dragon. Hiccup reaches forward, and Toothless gives him one last skeptical growl. Hiccup recoils, but only for a moment. Hiccup then closes his eyes trusting Toothless with his outreached right hand. The dragon senses this trust, and is just as amazed with Hiccup as Hiccup had been with him. Toothless leans his head forward and touches his snout gently to Hiccups hand. The two bond for a moment, and then Toothless rushes off yet again, leaving Hiccup to try and take in the depth of the moment.

[4]Hiccup and Toothless after their first test driveHiccup later begins to work on a new tail fin for Toothless. The first flight they have, Toothless is extremely excited to airborne again, but he is not keen on having a rider. He tosses Hiccup off but only then realizes that the tailfin will not work unless Hiccup is operating it. Hiccup designs tail fin after tail fin, and each attempt brings the boy and dragon more into sync. In between flight tests, Hiccup discovers more and more of Toothless' playful and curious nature. He uses his new found dragon knowledge to his advantage in the ring. Because of this, Hiccup becomes remarkably popular, which angers Astrid. Still Hiccup finds himself to be much happier being around Toothless than being around the other teens, and the boy and dragon are soon extremely close friends. By the time they do their first real test flight, Hiccup and Toothless are mostly in sync. Hiccup still has a little trouble with the tail movements, but when He accidentally temporarily falls off, he and Toothless are put onto a crash course into a huge array of rocks at breakneck speed. The two then snap into focus with one another, and they blast through the rocks swerving, ducking, and doing barrel rolls. The flight is a huge success and both Hiccup and Toothless are ecstatic over it. They share a meal with each other afterwards, and Toothless again tries to give Hiccup regurgitated fish. Hiccup declines, but a small group of Terrible Terrors arrive and try to steal Toothless' fish. Toothless foils their plans and eats his fish himself. This angers one of them enough to get it to try and breath fire at the Night Fury. Toothless gives the creature a snide look and then shoots a plasma bolt into its open mouth, causing its own fire gasses to backfire into itself. Hiccup notes that dragons are not so fire proof on the inside and then kindly give the Terrible Terror one of his own fish. Hiccup soon sees that everything the Vikings know about dragons is wrong. When Hiccup unknowingly leads Astrid to the cove, Toothless shows his protective side by assuming that she is a threat. Only through Hiccup's words does he manage to calm down enough, although still being wary. When Astrid  [5]Toothless holds Astrid "hostage"threatens to tell the village, Toothless abducts her and strands her on a tree to stop her. Even though Hiccup invites her to a flight to show Toothless is not dangerous.  The Night Fury is not convinced that she can be trusted and pulls off daring acrobatic moves (corkscrews, loop-de-loops, etc.), not to throw her off, but just to terrify her (which indicates that he may not be as dependent on Hiccup for flying as first assumed). After she apologizes, Toothless begins to trust her more and assumes she is now a friend, smoothing out his flight. He gives both Astrid and Hiccup a beautiful "dragon's eye view" of Berk. The beauty of the moment breaks Astrid's long held beliefs about dragons, and she admits that Toothless is simply amazing. <p style="border-bottom-width:0px;border-left-width:0px;font-style:inherit;font-weight:inherit;margin-top:0.4em;margin-right:0px;margin-bottom:0.5em;margin-left:0px;padding-top:0px;padding-right:0px;padding-bottom:0px;padding-left:0px;vertical-align:baseline;">Unfortunately, Toothless' old ties to the dragon society make a frightening return. Toothless flies into a fog bank with both teens on his back. They find themselves in the middle of a huge flock of dragons that are carrying great amounts of carrion and food. Hiccup thinks the dragons are hauling in their kill and Astrid nervously wonders whether Toothless intends to haul them in with the rest. Toothless and the dragons zigzag through the fog until they reach a giant volcanic mountain. The dragons dive into a series of tunnels in the side, and Hiccup and Astrid soon find themselves flying above a massive cavern filled with red smoke. The dragons drop hundreds of dead animals into a huge hole in the middle of the cavern. Toothless looks nervously down into it before landing. He continues to look tensely around until a lone Gronckle donates a single fish. This provokes the monstrous Red Death to emerge from the hole and devour him. Astrid and Hiccup are both in shock, and Toothless soon sees that he too is in danger. The Red Death has noticed his lack of contributions, and he lunges at Toothless who barely swoops out of the way. Toothless then rockets out of the mountain along with a whole herd of terrified dragons. Upon returning Toothless takes a long drink from the pond while Hiccup and Astrid try to make a plan. After Astrid kisses Hiccup and thanks him, Toothless walks up and gives Hiccup a happy but teasing look. 

Toothless senses another threat the next day when he hears Hiccup screaming from afar. Realizing he is in danger, Toothless manages to claw his way out of the cove (for the first time on his own) and immediately rushes to Hiccup's side to protect him from the dragon he is supposed to kill. He refuses to leave his friend's side when the Vikings eventually get in on the fight and gang up on him, managing to fight them off and have Stoick at the mercy of his flames. Only when Hiccup screams at him to stop does he let his guard down long enough to be captured.

Toothless is chained up and used a compass to reach the Dragon's Nest. However, as he observes the other dragons flying away, he begins desperately trying to free himself as the Red Death suddenly bursts out of the Nest. The ship he's chained to is set alight, and both he and Hiccup are thrown into the water when the ship breaks up. Stoick, however, saves both of them and Toothless takes on the larger dragon with Hiccup by his side.


Toothless' bond with Hiccup is shown to be very strong indeed when his prosthetic tail fin is set on fire in the ensuing battle. When Hiccup is knocked off his back, Toothless bravely dives into the exploding body of the Red Death to save his human friend, wrapping Hiccup in his wings to protect him as they crash. Toothless is overjoyed when Hiccup wakes from the battle later, licking him in the face playfully, like a pet would, knocking all sorts of things over while jumping around Hiccup's 

[7]The fin Gobber made for Toothless.home happily, and helps him to walk with his new prosthetic leg as a sign of their friendship. Having both lost a part of their body by the end of the movie, this makes Hiccup and Toothless symbiotically equal. Toothless gains a new tail fin at the end of the film, given to him by Gobber, and takes off into the skies with Hiccup once again.

In Riders of Berk Edit

Hiccup and Toothless remain close in Dragons: Riders of Berk, with Hiccup once even planning to leave Berk with Toothless after Mildew convinced the other Vikings that Toothless- as the 'unholy offspring of lightning and death'- was angering Thor and causing various lightning storms (It was eventually revealed to be a metal statue and perches attracting the lightning). He practically never leaves Hiccup's side. They sleep in the same room and are often seen doing even simple tasks togther. The two of them easily dominated the dragon events in the Thawfest games. Toothless apears to be rather a leader among the dragons.The only occasion where Toothless has defied Hiccup was when a Whispering Death that Toothless had fought in the past came to Berk, with Toothless attempting to fight his old foe on his own- even ordering the other dragons to stay away from him during the fight-, although he eventually accepted Hiccup's aid when Hiccup deliberately jumped off a cliff while Toothless was being attacked on the other side, forcing Toothless to save Hiccup and accept his help or let Hiccup die to continue his vendetta. When he, Snotlout, and Hiccup become stranded on Outcast island, he is behind Hiccup one hundred percent even during the many arguments betwene the boys. He also manages to work together with Snotlout in order to save his captured rider. Toothless is also a central character, along with Hiccup and Mildew, in the season finale of Riders of Berk. He and Hiccup go off looking for more Night Furies. At first Toothless seems only slightly interested, but as they get closer and closer to their goal, both Toothless and H

Hiccup become extremely excited. Unfortunately it is a trap set by Alvin and Mildew, and both Hiccup and Toothless are captured. Toothless is locked into a high security cell in the Outcast dragon containment area. He proves his intelligence-

-yet again when he escapes on his own. He fools the Outcasts into thinking that he is unconscious and sick. The Outcasts remove the muzzle from his mouth, and he immediately blasts them back and frees himself. For the rest of the episode he looks for Hiccup in Outcast Island. Outcasts are on his trail, but he anhiliates them with his fire blast. This is notably more violent than he usually is with humans, but he is obviously more concerned, Hiccup is missing, and he is not going to hold back at all until he finds his owner. Toothless and Hiccup eventually find each other using dragon calls. They then both decide to attack Alvin when he appears and openly mocks Hiccup. Both boy and dragon usually refrain from "going for the kill", but Alvin has gone too far, and they dive for him. It is yet another trap, and they are both temporarily captured by bolas. The other teens' dragons swoop in and rescue them. Back in Berk, Toothless does look slightly saddened to see that the Isle of Night was fake, but both he and Hiccup agree that there is nothing wrong with being one of a kind. The season ends with Toothless and Hiccup flying off into the horizon, confident that they will be there for each other in the battles that are yet to come.

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