Adult Torch

Torch is a Typhoomerang that first appeared in Season 1 of the television series.

Dragons: Riders of BerkEdit

In The Terrible Twos, Hiccup and his friends find a dragon in the forests of Berk, later discovering that a dragon of his size is actually a baby. Hiccup takes him home, where Stoick names him "Torch".

Back in the forest, Torch's mother discovers he is missing, and goes on a rampage, moving towards Berk in an attempt to find him. However, nobody has any knowledge of this except Toothless, who complains to Hiccup that Torch must be rid of. Hiccup doesn't listen to Toothless, thinking that he is just jealous of their new friend. Although, Toothless, sensing that Torch has a mother looking for him, convinces Hiccup and his friends to go look for her. Eventually, Torch is reunited with his mother and two siblings. As they depart, he waves goodbye to Hiccup.

Dragons: Defenders of BerkEdit

Torch returned in Zippleback Down, as a full grown dragon. He found Tuffnut in a dragon trap and started to interact with him Though Tuffnut said Torch seemed familiar, he did not recognize him. They had a staring contest, roared at each other, and Tuffnut taught him some hand signals, such as spinning and opening his wings. Ruffnut showed up and was suprised. After Hiccup and Toothless crashed in the clearing, and faced against the large dragon. Hiccup then realized it was Torch. He played a vital role in putting out the forest fire and saving Berk. Torch then gave them a ride back to the village, where the others were just as surprised. Torch then left, after giving the Vikings his signature spin goodbye.


Torch, as a baby was very curious about new things. He was not very big on sharing, as he ate all of Toothless' dinner and took his bed. While Torch is wild, he does care about his mother and went to her side when she crashed. He was also happy to be with his siblings again.

Torch has a bit of a rivalry with Toothless. The two did not get along and even got to the point to fighting each other. Even as an adult, they were still at it. He did let Toothless ride him after his prostheic tail was burned off.

Hiccup was the first human Torch met. He took a strong liking to him when Hiccup took him home to treat his leg. He even followed him instead of returning to his mother. When he met Hiccup again, he wrapped his wings around him and Toothless, and placed his snout against Hiccup hand, showing their previous bond.

Torch was officially trained by Tuffnut. They first met at the academy, where Torch bit Tuff's nose. They became closer when they started to play with each other. Torch even gave Tuffnut a farwell nudge, and roar.